Bulk SMS Services- Why Choose SmartSMSSolutions?

  26 August 2015

Interestingly, bulk SMS as an effective means of communication is becoming very popular among Nigerians today. Due to this fact, there are currently many bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria offering bulk SMS services. Among these options though, the obvious choice will be the one that offers quality service, its easy to use, affordable and satisfies the user’s needs.

If you're still not convinced on the best bulk SMS platform to use, here are some of the exciting features of SmartSMSSolutions that should make this bulk SMS provider your obvious indisputable choice.


  • First and foremost, to use a standard bulk SMS service, it is important you own a personal account for sending your bulk messages. On SmartSMSSolutions, registration of a bulk SMS account is free. Register here if you do not have one already.


  • Another beautiful feature of SmartSMSSolutions’ bulk SMS service is that you can get as many as 30 free SMS units after registration. Registration done on your own gives you 10 free SMS units, whereas if you were referred to the platform and you confirm your referrer, you get a whopping 30 free SMS units. Register here and get 30 free SMS units.


  • Talk about cheap and affordable pricing plan, SmartSMSSolutions is arguably the best. You can get bulk SMS units for as low as #1.30k, and the beautiful thing is that here at SmartSMSSolutions, there are no hidden charges. A page of message goes for 1 unit to any GSM number at all, be it MTN, GLO, ETISALAT or AIRTEL, as opposed to many bulk SMS providers with varying charges for different GSM numbers.


  • On SmartSMSSolutions, there is no limit to the number of bulk SMS units you can buy. You can buy as low as you want to and as much as you desired. And one good thing is that the SMS units do not expire, so you can load your account with as many as you desire and come back and use them at any time.


  • Another very important service that everyone wants from a bulk SMS provider is effective and instant delivery of bulk SMS. It is in this area that we get our pride from. At SmartSMSSolutions, we have in place an optimized message delivery system that gets your bulk messages delivered as soon as they are sent.


  • What more? Towards realizing our primary objective of getting your messages delivered, on SmartSMSSolutions, as a registered client, you have a full access to your messages delivery report. With this provision, you can confirm on your own that your messages actually get delivered. See here how to check delivery report and also what each delivery status code means.


  • Since bulk SMS service generally involves sending messages to many phone numbers at the same time, SmartSMSSolutions’ equally have a provision that allows you save the numbers you regularly send messages to on your bulk SMS account. It is called your online phonebook. With this feature, you do not have to type the recipients’ phone number again and again anytime you want to send bulk messages. See here how to use the bulk SMS account phonebook.


  • You want a bulk SMS service provider that offers promos and bonuses from time to time? Then SmartSMSSolutions indisputably fits the bill. Regularly, we offer discounts and bonus for SMS units purchased by our clients. There is no requirement for such promos, everybody qualifies. One of this is that at your very first purchase of bulk SMS units, you get a 5% bonus on any number of SMS units you buy at all. Other bonuses on SMS purchase also comes regularly. And the biggest one? We have the ONE NAIRA DAY promo, on which day all registered clients have the opportunity to buy a unit of SMS for as low as 1 naira.


  • Payment for bulk SMS units also has never been easier. Towards ensuring a satisfying bulk SMS experience for our clients, SmartSMSSolutions has convenient and effective payment options, even allowing you to pay from the comfort of your home. Here are all SmartSMSSolutions’ payment options.



  • We also know that constant and easy communication between us and you is a key to ensuring a beautiful bulk SMS experience for you. That is why on SmartSMSSolutions, we have lots of avenue through through which you can contact us and get instant answers to your questions and inquiries. Our blog is a perfect avenue for that purpose, where you’ll find regular information on how to better enjoy the services we render. Also, you can always interact with us directly on the website through our online chat provision. SmartSMSSolutions has lots of contact centre lines on which you can reach us by calls and through SMS, we are live on WhatsAPP, you can reach us on Facebook, you can contact us on 2go, follow us on Twitter and even interact with us also on Google+.


  • Talk about an easy to use bulk SMS website? SmartSMSSolutions’ should come to your mind. The design makes it easy to navigate and easy to use. Noteworthy is also the fact that the interface is free from the loads of advert placements causing nuisance peculiar to many other websites. You also have the full liberty to customize your messages the way you want it, choosing your desired sender ID. So if you want a bulk SMS website that’s cool and simple, SmartSMSSolutions is the obvious answer.



In the aforementioned and a host of other areas, SmartSMSSolutions has established itself as the bulk SMS platform that suits everybody. We offer smart and satisfactory solutions to all your bulk SMS needs, little wonder we are Smart SMS Solutions.


People are signing up every day, transforming their businesses and getting themselves closer to their friends, families and loved ones using this quality bulk SMS gateway. Do not be left out. Get your own free bulk SMS account right away as you savor the bulk SMS experience on the gateway specifically designed for YOU.


The comment box is opened to contributions, opinions and questions on this bulk SMS gateway.





  • 10 Free SMS on Sign-Up
  • 5% Bonus on First Purchase
  • Delivery Report Available
  • Most Affordable Pricing
  • Easy Payment Channels

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