What is Bulk SMS?

  26 August 2015

The history of sending text messages dates back to more than 2 decades ago. Since the year the first text message was sent, SMS has grown to become an integral system of communication all over the world.



As the name implies, bulk SMS is the sending of large volume of text messages to multiple phone numbers at the same time.


The major difference it holds over conventional sending of text messages from the mobile phone is in the volume that can be pushed at the same time. While our mobile phones are designed to send one SMS to one phone number at a time, bulk SMS involves a larger quantity of recipients.


Also, bulk SMS offers the opportunity to customize messages in terms of the sender ID. In messages sent from the phone, the sender ID appears as the sender phone number. In bulk SMS service however, it is very possible to use a desirable sender ID for the message, which might be a short code or a brand name.



Everybody needs bulk SMS. Its effectiveness as a communication tool coupled with its low cost makes it as asset for everyone from individuals to organizations and business owners.


Individuals use bulk SMS service for sending personal messages to families and loved ones. It is proven to be cheaper than the use of airtime in mobile phones for personal messages and hence its suitability for this purpose. Additionally, individuals can use bulk SMS for events management, be it wedding invitations, birthday invitations or for political campaigns.


Firms and organizations also uses bulk SMS to send alerts, reminders to clients and for internal communications with their staffs. Other important information are communicated with the public using bulk SMS. Lots of organizations like banks, health sector, government owned and private firms all uses bulk SMS.


Business owners equally uses bulk SMS for marketing and advertisement purposes. Updates concerning products and services, reminders and other essential things are communicated using bulk SMS.


Associations also, voluntary or professional, also uses bulk SMS as an integral medium of communication with the general public and the members of the association.


The uses of bulk SMS service are endless. It remains a fact then that everyone needs bulk SMS service.



Bulk SMS is generally sent from software hosted by platforms where people go to and send their bulk SMS. Many top firms like some banks have a personal platform where they send their bulk SMS. For companies, businesses and individuals though who cannot afford to own a personal platform, there are several bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria which can be used to send the bulk messages.


SmartSMSSolutions offers a quality and affordable bulk SMS platform where you can send your bulk SMS conveniently and for cheap. All you have to do is register a free bulk SMS account and you can then start enjoying the exciting bulk SMS experience. Free SMS units are also up for grabs after registration.


Communication has been shown to be an effective means of organization and management in many areas of life, and bulk SMS has proven to be an effective means of accomplishing this. So what are you waiting for? You definitely need a bulk SMS account, and the most affordable you can get . Sign up one right away if you’ve not done so.


Once you’ve gotten your bulk SMS account set up, the next thing is to start sending messages using the service. See here how to send bulk SMS using a quality bulk SMS service provider.


Do you have any inquiries, questions or contributions concerning bulk SMS service in Nigeria? The comment box below is provided for that purpose.





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