How to Handle Partial Delivery of Bulk SMS

  24 August 2015

What do I do when I send a bulk SMS and some recipients of the message do not get it? There are some factors that might cause partial delivery of bulk SMS. Once those factors have been identified, the next thing after a message has been sent is to check up the delivery report of the bulk SMS.


On the delivery report segment of your bulk SMS account, you have delivery status code attached to each recipient’s phone number. It is important to understand what each code mean in order to know what action to take if particular recipients do not get the sent message.


Below are the popular delivery statuses associated with sent bulk SMS and what to do when a particular one appears with a recipient’s phone number.


When the delivery status for a particular phone number is showing SENT, it means either the message is yet to get delivered, the message is delivered but the delivery report hasn’t come in. if the delivery report shows sent for a long period of time, and it is possible to contact the phone number, it is advisable to do that. As such you know if it’s available or not and know if there is a possibility it will get delivered or not. If it continues as sent for an uncharacteristically long time period, and it is confirmed that the phone number is available, then it is most certainly a result of the content of the message. You can then put a call across to any of our contact centre lines for assistance in detecting the reason and finding alternatives to ensure your messages gets delivered.


Another delivery status that is common when a message is not delivered is UNDELIVERED. In most cases, it is a result of the network operator blocking the message or the phone number entered not active. When sent messages show undelivered, it is advisable not to resend such messages because there is all possibility that it wouldn’t get delivered still. So the first thing to do is to first look up the phone number again and see if it’s correct. If it seems correct, you can try the line and see if it is active. If it isn’t, then hold off from sending messages to the phone number. If it is active, then it is a factor from the network operator, and you can ask for assistance by calling any of our contact care lines.


When the delivery report for a message is not showing delivered, not showing sent, and neither is it showing undelivered, most likely you might see EXPIRED. Network operators expires a message if it fails to get it delivered within the SMS delivery validity period. The recipient’s phone wasn’t available to receive the sent messages during the delivery period. If you find that associated with few phone numbers on the delivery report, you can monitor the phone numbers to know when they come back up or move to network enabled areas and resend as appropriate. If this happens to most of the recipients’ phone numbers though or all of them, then it is very likely a result of the content of the message, therefore you can out a call across to our contact centre lines for assistance.


Another delivery status that might be associated with your sent messages is UNSUPPORTED. In this case, the message most likely has gotten to its intended destination, but the particular network operator can’t provide the delivery report. So, you can contact the number and find out if the message got delivered.


If the delivery status shows REJECTED, what it simply means is that network operator(s) would not allow such messages and therefore, they shouldn’t be re-sent at all, or the same result will be experienced.


For better understanding of the steps to take when you have partial delivery of your bulk SMS, we’ve put together lists of delivery status codes and their meaning. It is very important to know these if you are to better handle and avoid totally partial delivery of your bulk SMS.


Here at SmartSMSSolutions, it is our abiding desire that all your sent messages gets delivered to all the recipients. And we hope this information helps. Free bulk SMS account registration is still on, sign up now if you do not have and get SMS units instantly.





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