Multiplying My Referral Points- 5 Tips That Can Help

  20 August 2015

Referral points are bonuses you get on SmartSMSSolutions when people you referred to the platform buys bulk SMS units. This referral points can then be converted to SMS units or cash. Is your referral points currently very little and you want to increase it drastically? Here are 5 tips that can help.


1. TARGET GROUPS CLOSE TO YOU: For you to get the maximum reward from SmartSMSSolutions’ Refer-and-Earn program, you shouldn’t just refer people but refer the right people. It is very easy to get people to register through you, but the question is; will they use the platform and therefore get you your bonus? This is why it is important to focus on those that are more likely to be interested in bulk SMS service. Click here to see a list of those you can refer to SmartSMSSolutions to increase your referral points sporadically.


2. POST YOUR REFERRAL LINK ON SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS: Social media platforms are fertile grounds where you can grow your referral tree. Many of the associations and organizations in need of bulk SMS service can be found on Social media platforms. Regularly post the link on your timeline on Facebook and other social media handles. To do a more target marketing, you can even go to pages of such groups or firms and incorporate your link in posts that especially relates to what you are offering. Do not forget that an appealing quote in addition to the link would also be perfect.


3. POST YOUR REFERRAL LINK ON BLOGS AND WEBSITES: In many blogs, at intervals, discussions come up about issues relating to communications and technologies. There might even be debates sometimes on bulk SMS platforms that are the cheapest and offers more quality service. New companies and upcoming firms usually go to such places to get the best bulk SMS platform. This is a perfect place to distribute your referral link. You can be quite sure your link is been clicked on by the right people who will get you loads of referral points.


4. FOLLOW-UP YOUR REFERRALS ON BONUSES AND PROMOS: At times when SmartSMSSolutions throws up bonuses and promos for bulk SMS purchase, you can personally follow up your referrals on that to intimate them, even though the firm will still send a notification to such ones. The follow up from you, maybe in form of an SMS will be an extra certainty that they are aware of this and they get more units while you get more bonuses.


5. FULL TIME AFFILIATE MARKETING: Yes, the rewards of SmartSMSSolutions’ Refer-and-Earn program are massive enough to be taken up full time. You can focus on searching out interested individuals and groups that are interested in bulk SMS service on the internet and in your locality and make them a part of your referral tree.


With SmartSMSSolutions’ Refer-and-Earn program, you can build up loads of bulk SMS units and cash that you can decide to hold off from spending to buy bulk SMS units, all you have to do is get the right referrals and you are good to go.


Are you a new user of bulk SMS service and needs a quality and affordable bulk SMS service? Register a free bulk SMS account now and get free SMS units instantly.


Do you find these tips mentioned above helpful? Share your contributions and opinions using the comment box below.





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