Brief History of Text Message

  07 August 2015

Statistics have it that there are as much cell phone users in the world as there are people in the world. A report from Wikipedia as at 2007 notes that about 74% of mobile cell phone users in the world are active users of SMS. In some countries, its up to 85%, and these statistics is only bound to have increased with passing years.

In view of this statistics, it is difficult to argue that text messaging has become a very important communication tool among people all-over the world today and rightly so. The ease of use, rapid outreach and instant delivery has made it the prime communication channel used today.

A brief history of how text messaging started and how it has grown might interest you.


The concept of the short messaging system (SMS) was first developed by Friedhelm Hillebrand in the year 1984. The german was playing around with typing words and phrases on his computer and came up with the standard for SMS. Thus started the birth of text messaging idea

The first text message though was sent on the 3rd of December 1992 in the UK by Neil Papworth. The message was sent to a Richard Jarvis. What was the content of the message? ‘Merry Christmas’. Thus started text messaging that will turn out to be a widespread system in the world.

The message sent by Neil Papworth was sent from his personal computer though. It was in 1993 that Finland produced the first mobile phone to send text messages; a Nokia phone. Finland was also the first Nation to use text message for commercial and competitive basis.

Over the years, text messaging has grown steadily. At first, it was not really popular but has rapidly seen improvement in its use in recent years as the statistics above shows. Presently, Philippines boast the highest number of text message subscribers in the world and hence are considered the home of text messaging.

With more technology came more advancement in the use of text messages. Flash SMS was introduced, that allows SMS receivers get instant SMS popping up on their phone screens and not saved in their message inbox. Also, we have bulk SMS service that enables someone send messages to many persons through a terminal channel and all gets delivered at once.

Its relevance is only increasing and many individuals and organizations are already using this to great effect. In 2008, US President Barack Obama showed the world its effectiveness in political campaigns among other areas.

There is no describing how text messaging has changed the world as every text message user will testify. Bulk SMS service is also becoming very important in different sectors and organizations the world all over. All you have to do to use that is register a bulk SMS account with a quality provider and your text messaging experience is just about to get more interesting.

We hope this information has helped. Was there anything else we omitted? Please let us know in the comment box below.





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