Save The World-How You Can Use Bulk SMS To Start And Run Your NGO

  04 August 2015

NGOs are non-governmental and non-profit making organizations. This might be charity organizations, empowerment organizations or service providing organizations, usually set up by individuals, group of individuals or businesses and are funded by the business, the person(s) or financial institutions.


Because non-governmental organizations are not driven towards money making and are simply there to render assistance to people, effective organization is a must. Communication within the organization and with the general public is essential and bulk SMS has been proven to be an effective communication medium.


Once a non-governmental organization has been set-up, people do not automatically get to know about it. A community or nationwide awareness must be done depending on the size of the organization. Media publicity can be effective, but the efficiency of bulk SMS in making people aware of this set-up cannot be denied. Included in the message will also be mission statement of the organization, so the people can know its function.


Every NGO equally have executives and members that help manage the organization. Time and again, at SmartSMSSolutions, we’ve shown how efficient bulk SMS can be for internal communications. Everybody needs encouragement and motivation, and especially so in a set-up that isn’t money oriented. Bulk SMS can be used in achieving this among the members of the organization in addition to effective communication and co-ordination. See why bulk SMS is efficient for internal communications.


Time after time, in fulfillment of its roles and objectives, NGOs embarks on various projects. Many of these projects are for the benefit of the public in general. If they don’t know about this, there is little chance they will benefit from it. Bulk SMS can be used to intimate the general public of existing projects and upcoming ones. Also, success of just concluded projects can be communicated across via SMS.


Some NGOs organizes seminars and trainings occasionally to educate the public of some major affairs of the organization and equally on what they need. These seminars are usually without charge, and the NGO can organize such seminars with the use of bulk SMS in creating awareness.


Since NGOs are not profit-oriented, there are various ways these source for funds as has been mentioned above. Fundraising and generation of funds can be piloted through the use of bulk SMS. Requests for funds and reminders can be pushed out to contributors through SMS.


There might be times when an emergency might arise in the industry where a particular NGO belongs to. Emergency aid service campaign can also be organized through bulk SMS, where assistance from general public is sourced for through a call to action.


It won’t be out of place to also get feedbacks from the public on whether or not the NGO is benefitting them. Depending on the response, the organization can either redirect its focus or continue doing more in the areas they’re operating. Bulk SMS is an effective feedback channel.


The key is that communication is essential in NGOs as it is in other establishment, private or government owned, and bulk SMS is a proven solution for this need.


SmartSMSSolutions has a bulk SMS platform that can effectively be used for this purpose. You can sign up an account right away if you do not have one. There are free SMS units up for grabs.


Are there other areas NGOs can use bulk SMS service which we’ve omitted, share your contributions in the comment box below.








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