SMS Marketing Campaign- Why You Shouldn’t Buy Phone Numbers

  31 July 2015

So your business is up and you are ready to take the market by storm. You have the believe that this is going to be a success. Then you remember you need to make SMS marketing an integral part of the process and for good reasons.


Once you’ve had the details planned out on how to go about your SMS marketing campaign, the next question is “Where do I get phone numbers of subscribers for my campaign?” The first likely answer that occurs to you both from self and advisers is to buy the phone numbers, and why not? That is what almost everyone is doing.


One of the reasons why people seems to prefer buying phone numbers is because it is much easier and faster to get the many numbers at the same time, with all you have to do is just get the suppliers and cough out the cash and you get the loads of phone numbers.


While it is easier and faster to gather many phone numbers in a short while through buying of phone numbers, there are some facts though about buying phone numbers for your SMS marketing campaign that you seriously need to consider, and should make you think twice if at all you are planning to do that.


One very big question mark concerning phone numbers purchased from suppliers is; ARE THEY VALID? In many cases, it ends up that the suppliers of such numbers put together random numbers, most of which are not valid. In some cases, even if the numbers were valid as at the time they were compiled by the distributors, lots of years had passed and they are no longer in use. That is why most times of messages are sent to such phone numbers they will not get delivered but simply expires.


One way most phone numbers generators and suppliers offers phone numbers to those who needs them is on a geographical basis. As such you can get phone numbers of people living in specific locations or so they claim. One question the suppliers of the phone numbers fail to address though is; ARE THESE PEOPLE STILL IN THIS AREA? Once someone in Lagos for example moves to Abuja, there is no way for you to know, and thus you keep sending SMS to such ones with the believe that you are targeting someone in Lagos whereas he is in Abuja. What a total waste of resources that can prove to be.


Another point to consider when considering whether or not to buy phone numbers for your SMS marketing campaign is PEOPLE’S PERCEPTION TO UNSOLICITED MESSAGES. With the popularity of spam messages today, people have developed a very bad taste for messages from senders they can identify. Most persons even delete such messages before they read the content. It is far better to get phone numbers of people you know will be interested in your SMS campaign and direct your resources wisely.


And with all these disadvantage comes the COST. You don’t get those phone numbers for free; you have to pay for them. Why spend on something with lots of uncertainties when there are better alternatives that come at no price?


So the question is; ‘If I can’t buy phone numbers, how then do I get them’? That might seem far-fetched or difficult but it isn’t. Here are other easier ways of getting phone numbers of subscribers for your SMS marketing campaign. If not for anything, you do not have to spend, you know the numbers are legit and you can be sure you are sending messages to people who appreciate them.


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