Bulk SMS Marketing- 10 Things You Mustn’t Do

  30 July 2015

There has been very interesting articles lately on how SMS marketing can do wonders for your business, be it large scale or small scale. The truth is that most of the upcoming businesses are taking good advantage of this and SMS marketing is gradually becoming the order of the day.


If you are currently planning a bulk SMS marketing campaign though or you already have one running, here are 10 major DON’TS in the SMS marketing that you must always remember if your marketing campaign is to be a success.



1. DON’T BLAST SMS: In this context, blasting SMS means sending a marketing message to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Many persons are guilty of this. They simply get phone numbers and start sending marketing messages to everybody, even people who don’t care who you are and what you stand for. Even when dealing with your active SMS subscribers, it’s still advisable to segment them according to their needs and push out the message in a way that soothes them. By so doing, you are focusing your resources in the right direction.


2. DON’T WRITE A COMPREHENSION: The standard for a page of SMS is 160 characters maximum, and that is how long your marketing message should be. Marketing SMS are usually short in order for the aim to be accomplished. Do not use many words and unnecessary explanation. It turns people off and your marketing message might get lost.


3. NEVER IGNORE THE OPT-OUT PROVISION: Every SMS subscriber who opts-in into your SMS marketing campaign has the right to opt-out from it when he decides he doesn’t need it any longer. In fact, it is a requirement for any SMS marketing campaign. Many businesses though decide not to include the opt-out option in their SMS marketing campaign, or maybe they forgot. Either way, it’s a must and works best for the image of your business.


4. DON’T BUY PHONE NUMBERS: When it comes to getting phone numbers for their SMS marketing campaign, the first line of action many marketers takes is to go out and spend money in buying those numbers. If you want to have an effective and successful SMS marketing campaign, buying phone numbers should never be an option. Learn why you should not buy phone numbers for your SMS marketing campaign. Aside from buying phone numbers, there are other more effective ways to get phone numbers for your SMS marketing campaign.


5. DON’T FORGET ‘CALL TO ACTION’: Why will any SMS marketer wants to forget ‘call to action’ in the first place? Unfortunately though many do. It is in the call to action that brings the primary reward for your bulk SMS marketing campaign, and therefore must always be included at the end of the message. You mustn’t forget this. See why you must use call to action in your SMS marketing campaign.


6. DON’T ALWAYS TELL YOUR CLIENTS TO BUY! BUY!! AND BUY!!! : Yes it is true that the primary relationship between you and your clients is buying and selling. But it would be a huge mistake to let your Marketing messages always be about buying and buying. Some goodwill messages at some times might suffice either during holidays or at important events in their lives that you’ve become aware of. What about messages of appreciation and asking for feedbacks from your clients about their satisfaction or lack of it for the services rendered? All these works hand in hand toward ensuring the general success of your SMS marketing campaign.


7. NEVER USE ACRONYMS: While the use of acronyms is essential towards maximizing the allowed number of characters in a page of message, there are times when the use of acronyms is criminal i.e. not advisable. One of such situations is in a marketing SMS. For one thing, the message is an official one and some persons might find use of acronyms to deviate from professionalism.


8. DON’T SEND UNSOLICITED SMS: Just as had been mentioned above that opt-out option is a must in your SMS campaign, so also is an opt-in option. People must be able to decide what messages they want to receive and which they don’t. Sending SMS to unsolicited recipients is not the best of ideas in the SMS marketing arena.


9. NEVER FORGET TO USE YOUR CLIENT’S NAME IN CUSTOMIZED AND PERSONALIZED SMS: When sending a general offer or advert message, it would be difficult to address each recipient by the name. Nevertheless, when sending a target SMS to a client about an information that affects him/her personally, it would be good to always use the name of the person. For example, when confirming the order a client has made on let’s say an online mall, a more appropriate message will be “Hello Mr. (NAME), your order for a (PRODUCT) with (ORDER NUMBER) has been confirmed. You will get it delivered in the next 3-5 days”, instead of simply saying hello sir/ma or hello customer.


10. DO NOT SEND SMS ON INTUITION : As with every activity, sending of marketing SMS must be well-timed. Simply waking up and sending an SMS because you feel like doing so is not the best. There must be a planned schedule of when to send a marketing SMS and which to send at that time and they must be sent based on the need to do that. At that, you will be ensuring you are sending the marketing SMS at the right time, guaranteeing success in the overall campaign.


For every successful endeavor, there are rules to be followed, dos and don’ts, and the same applies in SMS marketing. Once the above common mistakes are avoided, you can be driving your SMS marketing campaign on the trajectory.


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Opinions, questions and contributions on this subject are welcomed.





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