Bulk SMS for Transport Business

  29 July 2015

Transport business and logistics is one of the lucrative large scale businesses in Nigeria today. Those into transport business deals with shipments, courier services and even transportation of people from place to place by buses or taxes.


In managing a transport business effectively, you need every help available, and if there are solutions that are proven efficient and comes at low cost towards the success of the business, you shouldn’t overlook it. Bulk SMS is an effective communication medium that can be used in managing a transport business.



For courier services, bulk SMS can be used for tracking the delivery of goods both by the sender and the receiver. Find here a whole lot more ways courier services can use bulk SMS. With bulk SMS, the trust between the firm and the clients can be strengthened and can therefore help the business grow.


For people who travel with a transport company, Bookings and seat reservations can be done through bulk SMS. For such uses, all the client needs to do is send a designated message or code to the companies phone number, mostly a short code and then get a seat reserved for a journey. This is very effective especially for large transport businesses.


In cases where travelers are also required to get tickets for a journey, Ordering and/or buying of tickets can also be done through bulk SMS service. It makes the travel experience easy and convenient for the travelers.


Once reservations or purchase of travel tickets has been done, bulk SMS can equally be used for acknowledgement and confirmation of such orders to the clients, so they know it was successful.


A bulk SMS marketing campaign with a short code is very good for Feedbacks and follow-ups. Once your transport business has rendered its service to the client, that mustn’t necessarily be the end. Through bulk SMS, you can get honest feedbacks from the clients about the travel experience. Give them the opportunity to tell you how they feel about the service they’ve been rendered. If there is something they don’t like, you can actively figure it out and correct it. You can even get feedbacks from other road travelers on your drivers’ quality of driving simply by putting an action code you want them to send to a short code to assess the driver. As such, you can be sure the drivers are not out to kill people.


There are times when your transport company might want to give out Special discount offers and promotions to your loyal clients’ base, and rightly so. Bulk SMS is also an effective means of communicating this.


Some large transport companies have a base station that monitors Traffic situations on routes of the drivers. Bulk SMS can be used to inform drivers of the current traffic situation and sometimes inclement weather conditions. This can help them avoid delays by taking alternative routes if there are.


Uses of bulk SMS for businesses today seems endless, and the transport industry also have all the space to accommodate bulk SMS in the system to great benefits.


If you have a transport and logistics business and don’t have a bulk SMS account yet, you can register a free one on SmartSMSSolutions. It is the bulk SMS gateway specifically designed for you.


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