Courier Services and Bulk SMS- Where Do They Meet?

  29 July 2015

Courier services deals with delivery of packages, messages and mails to people at various places. This might be within a city or town, across a region, nationwide or even globally depending on the size of the courier service. This delivery might be done via bicycles, motor cycles, cars, Lorries or even air planes depending on the coverage by the courier service.


Because people puts serious interest in fast delivery time and the safety and security of their packages and goods, courier services needs an efficient system that controls the business internally and also assures the people involved, both the sender(s) and the recipient(s) of the package that the goods and packages are secured. In ensuring smooth running of this business, here is the areas bulk SMS comes in play in courier services.



For one thing bulk SMS is an efficient way to communicate with the sender of a package about the delivery status of the consignment. Once the consignment has been moved for delivery, a message can be sent across to the sender that the package is been moved to the recipient. Once the consignment has been delivered, another message can be sent to such person that the package(s) he has sent has gotten to the recipient successfully. Such information builds trust between you and your client.


As it works for the sender of the package, so it does for the recipient. Once the consignment is on transit, bulk SMS can be used to communicate with the recipient of the delivery time. In cases where the consignment is to be picked up, information concerning pick up time and details about the consignment can be communicated via SMS.


In cases where there will be delays regarding delivery of the consignment, both the sender and the recipient deserves to know. Bulk SMS is a quick and effective means of passing this information across. If the delivery has been rescheduled for a later time, the parties involved should get to know. This makes both the sender and recipient confident the consignment is in safe hands.


The transport department also needs to be informed of developments and updates regarding deliveries. If there is to be a cancellation of a delivery or rescheduling, the courier can be informed promptly through SMS.


Time after time also when discounts are offered, bulk SMS can be an effective way to communicate this with the clients.


Marketing is also an integral function of a successful courier service. Bulk SMS marketing has been proven to be very efficient for many businesses, courier services not an exception. Click here to see 10 reasons why the best marketers use bulk SMS.


Not forgetting, bulk SMS platforms allow you to customize your message, which is very good for the general image of the kind of work courier is. Putting a message across to your clients, (both those sending a package and the ones receiving it) with the name of your company appearing in it adds credibility to the message. To spice it up, if you are looking at carefully monitoring the process, you can integrate with a bulk SMS platform API. Click here to learn about SmartSMSSolutions’ API integration. It’s free.


Communications in courier services are very essential towards building lasting client’s trust and rapport, and it is a technology you should be interested in taking advantage of if you want to make a success of your courier business.


All you need to do first is sign up a free bulk SMS account to get started if you do not have one.


Opinions, questions and general contributions are welcomed. Use the comment box provided for that purpose.





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