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SmartSMSSolutions API -Connect With SmartSMS API Free

  29 July 2015
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Application program interface (API) has been defined as a set of tools, protocols and routines used for building software applications. Simply put, it is the building block which defines how a program works.


SmartSMSSolutions API affords you the opportunity to send your bulk SMS from a web application, a mobile application, a standalone application or even a website without needing to visit SmartSMSSolutions official website.



With SmartSMSSolutions API, you can carry out different operations like sending SMS, checking delivery reports, knowing SMS balance e.t.c. without necessarily visiting the website. You can even have a personal bulk SMS website and integrate with our powerful API to use the proven efficient message delivery of the platform for your own service.


To get started, simply visit to get the API codes.


Once this is done. You will need a programmer to interpret this for you and equally integrate it with your website if you’re not versed in that area.


With the right expertise to integrate these codes with your chosen system be it a website or an application, you can get the connection set up in no time.


Another beautiful thing about SmartSMSSolutions API is that it is one of the free services offered on SmartSMSSolutions and comes at no charge to anybody wishing to integrate with it. All you need is the system, the codes and a programmer for the integration if you can’t do it yourself.


Once you are ready to do the integration and needs any direction or clarification on the process of integrating or the use, you can call any of our primary customer care lines and get all the help you need.

Sign up a new account here if you do not have one.


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