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When the Use of Acronyms in Bulk SMS Becomes Criminal

  28 July 2015
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Acronyms have been used extensively by many SMS users today in text messages and chats. Many youths especially use this and a few adults are also learning the various acronyms and what they stand for.


It is for good reasons though that these persons use acronyms for sending messages because they make your typing process faster and equally reduce the length of your message and therefore saves cost if it is a bulk SMS.

There are times though when the use of acronyms can be termed criminal and should be minimized or avoided all together.


One of such occasions has to do with who the recipient of the message is. Common acronyms that could be used freely when having conversations with peers cannot always be used when communicating with adults, let’s say parents. You wouldn’t want to pass an important information to them that you need prompt response to only for it to be discarded because they didn’t understand the message due to use of acronyms.


Not all bulk SMS can be pushed out with careless use of acronyms. When messages are official like business marketing SMS, employment and recruitment SMS e.t.c. it is important to keep it official. Official wouldn’t be writing GOOD as GUD, writing THANK YOU as TNX or writing APPRECIATE as APRECI8. Official messages are meant to be treated officially. Acronyms are not official.


Another thing to put in mind when sending bulk SMS especially if it’s a business SMS campaign is that you are reaching a large group of individuals with different capability. If your marketing message point will be lost through the use of acronyms, it is not advisable to use it at all. If the recipient of the message cannot really decipher the information because of the use of acronyms, then the purpose is defeated.


While for obvious reasons acronyms can be used effectively in bulk SMS, discretion is needed in discerning when it wouldn’t be applicable and avoid it.


You can register a free bulk SMS account if you do not have one to use for your bulk SMS experience.


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