Various Ways Associations Can Use Bulk SMS

  27 July 2015

Associations are bodies consisting of individuals either coming from the same field of study (professional associations) or voluntarily coming together to achieve a common goal (voluntary associations). There are lots of such associations or bodies in Nigeria today.


One of the important key to success in any association is efficient communications. Here is the various ways bulk SMS counts in this aspect.


  • MEETING NOTIFICATIONS : One of the most regular features of an association be it professional or voluntary is constant meetings. Here is where issues are discussed and decisions are made toward pushing the association ahead. Bulk SMS can be an effective way of notifying the members of the association of such forthcoming meetings. Also, notifications of the bigger annual general meeting (AGM) by professional associations can equally be pushed out through bulk SMS. Why not? It’s cheap and reaches all persons at the same time.


  • DUE PAYMENT NOTIFICATIONS : Every association has dues that are imposed on all members for the smooth running of the body. This might either be monthly or annually depending on the size of the association and what was decided upon. Bulk SMS can be used to remind members of the associations of payment fees as at when due. Deadlines for payment can also be communicated and in cases of delays, due fines for culprit members can be passed across via bulk SMS.


  • BRIEF NEWSLETTER TO MEMBERS : Details on resolutions made at the general meetings, current standing of the associations account and important updates concerning the association can be effectively communicated through bulk SMS. Even if the association has a hard coy publication for this, a summary through SMS would not be a bad idea. It keeps everyone involved and works for the overall success of the body.


  • EVENTS NOTIFICATIONS : Are there seminars or conferences of the association in the pipeline? What is a more perfect way of creating awareness than through bulk SMS. The messages can even be sent several times before the main event. This will help increase attendance on the day.


  • FUNDS RAISING : There always comes a time when the association might need additional funds to carry out some major projects. The fund raising occasion if there is can be organized through bulk SMS. Additionally, if there are individuals or groups who has promised a donation, they can be reminded via bulk SMS.


  • ELECTIONS : Executives of associations are usually put in place through an electoral process. Present executives can organize forthcoming elections using bulk SMS. Additionally, executive positions aspirants can push out their campaigns via bulk SMS. Election campaigns through bulk SMS have been proven to be very successful. Click here to see how bulk SMS can be used effectively for political campaigns.


  • NOTIFICATIONS OF EMERGENCIES : Due to some unexpected events the AGM has to be postponed or cancelled? There is a last minute change in the venue for the upcoming meetings? What better way to get this information across to the many members of the association if not by bulk SMS? With a click, all the members of the association can get this relevant information and save disappointment.


  • HOLIDAY GREETINGS : Associations PROs can send goodwill messages and greetings to the members during holiday celebrations via bulk SMS. This fosters the unity and togetherness of the body.


  • NEWS AND GENERAL INFORMATIONS : Is there a member of the association getting married soon? Is one having a child naming ceremony at the corner? Or maybe rather unfortunately one of the members lost a dear person in death? These news can be communicated with the entire members of the association through bulk SMS. Attendance for such events can also be organized through this means.


With the various ways described above, associations can use bulk SMS extensively towards accomplishing the general goals and objectives of the professional or voluntary body.

Lots of bulk SMS service users on SmartSMSSolutions use the SMS gateway for their various associations. If you belong to an association also and needs an efficient bulk SMS platform for the body, you can register a free account now. Free SMS units are available after registration.

Do you currently use bulk SMS service for your associations and have great success stories? Or there is another area where bulk SMS can be used for associations that we’ve omitted? Use the comment box below to share your contributions.





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