“How Can I Transfer My Phone Contacts into My Bulk SMS Account?”

  24 July 2015

On SmartSMSSolutions, we have shown that it is possible to save phone numbers inside your bulk SMS account using the phone book. It is equally possible to send bulk SMS to phone numbers saved on your notepad. All of these provisions are in order to ensure ease of sending bulk messages i.e. not having to re-type phone numbers anytime you want to send your messages.


What if the people you want to send bulk SMS to regularly happen to be those whose phone numbers are saved on your mobile phone?

You can save yourself the stress of typing them one after the other by the use of a simple application that gets your phone contacts on your computer with just a click.



  • The first thing you have to do is download the application ANDROID TRANSFER on your computer. The download is free, and as the name implies it only works for android phones.


  • Once the application is downloaded. LAUNCH it on the PC and connect your mobile phone to it using the QR code or a USB cord.




  • You will be requested to do a USB debugging for the phone depending on the android version it is. Procedures for doing this will be shown on the screen as soon as the phone gets connected


  • Once this is done, the connection between your phone and the computer is completed and you can now transfer things either from your phone to the computer or vice-versa.




  • To copy your phone contacts on the computer, click on CONTACTS on the left menu on the application




  • Once the contacts opens, select the ones you want to copy and click on IMPORT/EXPORT found at the top menu on the application. If you want to export the whole contacts, click directly on IMPORT/EXPORT and select EXPORT ALL CONTACTS TO COMPUTER.


  • Then choose where you want the contacts to be saved on the computer. If you select VCARD, you select the destination on the computer you want to add it and save them.




  • And that does it. Your phone contacts have been successfully copied on your computer.



  • The next thing you want to do now is to get the phone numbers saved on your bulk SMS account phone book or on the notepad on your computer, whichever one you want to do.


  • Simply go to the place where the numbers have been saved on the computer and transfer them to your notepad. Arrange them in the right format; separating each with a comma or putting each on a separate line.


  • Once this is done, save the file from the notepad. This ensures they are saved in the right txt format.



While there is presently no provision on the SmartSMSSolutions website that allows you upload numbers directly from your phone to the bulk SMS website, this application makes it possible to do that. What more? It is easy to use, saves time and it’s free.

So if you want your phone contacts saved on your bulk SMS account why not try this and see how it works.

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Opinions, questions and suggestions are welcomed using the comment box below.





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