Ways Bulk SMS Can Be Used For Hotel Management- Part 1

  24 July 2015

One of the numerous richly rewarding large scale businesses in Nigeria is hotel and hospitality management. Provided you select the perfect strategic environment as the location, and have a beautiful structure and system, hotel business can be a very valuable one.

Most times though, many hotels do not really last long in the market and their relevance fades. It is not uncommon to find many of them even with nice structures lacking customers and therefore not getting value for the endeavor. Additionally, competitions may be much and it becomes difficult to stay relevant.


Here are five ways hotel owners can use bulk SMS to stay ahead of competition and tap into the rich potential of hotel management.


Yes, the very first thing you will want to do when you’ve set-up a new business is to let people know about this. This is where advertisement comes in. With the different channels that can be used to advertise your hotel business, bulk SMS is equally an effective one. Once your hotel is up and running, get it out to as many as possible on social Medias, print Medias, internet and more economically bulk SMS. It works in making people know you are available.




As your hotel business grows and with the right nurturing given to it, you will end up amassing a great number of customers in a short while. Especially during festive periods, people might flock to your hotel especially when you’ve won their love. It won’t be good for business when some top clients come only to find out the rooms they want are taken. You can use bulk SMS in room reservations and bookings you might even have a short code for your hotel business whereby customers can send a booking message to it and can reserve a space for themselves for the future. This fosters relationship.



3. CHECKOUT/FEEDBACK MESSAGE: Hotel managers can use bulk SMS to get honest appraisals from their customers, which will in turn help them keep track of such ones and improve their service in areas that are needed. One the guest checks out, an SMS asking of feedback concerning the guest experience can suffice. It can even include short call to actions that you can be certain they will take. Something like “Thank you Mr. and Mrs. ##NAME## for your patronage. Please how will you rate the service received during your stay here? Let us know please on a scale of 1-10” can do wonders. Believe me, if they are not satisfied they will say it, and as such you can put a call across to such ones and find out what dissatisfies them and fix it. It helps your business grow and help you have many people coming back.



4. BOOKING CONFIRMATION ALERTS: Once your customers have placed a booking request via SMS, it is only right that they get a confirmation that their request was received and approved. This puts them at ease that their booking is confirmed and they can get their rooms at that time when they do turn up. This makes for a good communication process between you and them and it’s something that stands you in good stead in your choice business.



5. BILLS PAYMENT: Some top businesses uses SMS PAYMENT GATEWAYS that enables clients to pay their bills at just a click. If you can afford this integration, it can equally help you in better managing debts and making bills payment easier for your customers, which will only make your relationship wax stronger.


 Click here to see 5 more ways hotel managers can use bulk SMS effectively.

Lots of businesses today, small scale and large scale, can find various areas in their businesses that bulk SMS can come in and change the face of the business. The aforementioned points show that hotel management also is not to be left out.

At SmartSMSSolutions, you have the fitting bulk SMS platform you need for effective management of your hotel business. Sign up for a free account now if you do not have one, and get rewarded with free SMS units to see the efficiency of the service.

Do you currently use bulk SMS in managing your hotel and hospitality home? Or maybe you know of one that does and has great success story? Use the comment box below to air your opinions on this.





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