Bulk SMS vs. Bulletin Billboards- Which Works Best For Political Campaigns?

  23 July 2015

Bulletin Billboards are large advertising structures located primarily on highways, expressways and major busy roads. Lots of modern day politicians uses this in pushing out awareness for their political interests and campaigns.


Lots of advantages are associated with this medium of political campaign, not least due to its size and visibility, making it an attention grabber, something that is massively needed for any political campaign to be a success.


Here is a tussle of power between bulk SMS and bulletin billboards on which has the bragging right when it comes to ensuring a more successful political campaign.


  • BULLETIN BILLBOARDS : First thing we will love to look at is cost, and rightly so. This is because you will want to ensure you are spending your money in an endeavor that is rewarding. Truth be told, billboards are extremely expensive to produce. In fact, in some places it is an extra cost to get a license to put up a billboard even after you’ve got it designed already. If there is an alternative that is cheaper and equally effective if not more effective, who wouldn’t go for it?
  • BULK SMS: Bulk SMS is an answer to the above question. When compared with bulletin billboards, it is cheaper and more affordable. More so, you most likely wouldn’t need a license to send SMS across to the masses phones provided the recipients are a target group of people interested in what you have to offer. With bulk SMS you can spend less and still get your campaign messages pushed out effectively.



  • BULLETIN BILLBOARDS : Talking about “How long can it last?” bulletin billboards are not actually the most trusted in this regard. It takes only a matter of seconds to get a beautiful and lovely bill board crashing to the ground. Time and again, we’ve seen cases where the opposition gets angry, riot and bring down a bill board. That will be a total waste of time, money and energy.
  •  BULK SMS: Talking about “How long can it last?” bulk SMS can stay for as long as possible in a recipients cell phone if he/she so desired. Even if the owner decides to discard the message, then it is out of his own phone and doesn’t affect it in others’ own. And another good thing is that even if anybody ends up deleting your campaign message, you can be sure they got the message before doing that, whereas a billboard that has been destroyed might not have reached a particular set of persons. So, it appears bulk SMS lasts longer when compare to bulletin billboards.



  • BULLETIN BILLBOARDS : This is not a targetable mode of political campaign. Why? A bulletin billboard is opened to all Jack and Jill, most of these persons being people who do not care who you are, who will not even show up on the day and who don’t care less if you win or lose. Thus it is just like pouring water in a basket. You might get a little but much of it will be lost.
  • BULK SMS: With bulk SMS, it is much more possible to do a targeted campaign of people you know well that are interested in what is going on. As such, you are ensuring your scarce resources are been dispensed in the right direction which will stand you in good stead.



  • BULLETIN BILLBOARDS: Bulletin billboards are not effective feedback campaign mechanism. It is rare and strange to put contact information on a political campaign billboard, whereas the need to here firsthand from the masses is indispensable in ensuring the success of your political quest.
  • BULK SMS: Through bulk SMS, it is very possible to get a feedback from the recipients of the message. From the feedback, you can tell what your chances are in the competition, and redirect your focus if need be. You could also get to know firsthand what issues the people want to see you resolve and make yourself a crowd favorite by doing just that.



  • BULLETIN BILLBOARDS: Bulletin billboards can easily be redesigned. This is factor that much opposition use in soiling the campaign plans of their opponents. It is not uncommon to see some unpleasant phrases, words and quotes written on a billboard. You wouldn’t want to spend a great deal of time, energy and money setting up a bulletin billboard only to wake up the next morning and see “This man is a Rabbit” written just underneath your name, with the same font and color at that.
  • BULK SMS: Bulk SMS do not easily fall victim to this. It’s difficult for a message in transit to be edited and unpleasant phrases added to it, especially if the sender ID you choose is a customized and unique one. As such you can reduce the likelihood of your campaign being ‘redesigned’ so to speak.



  • BULLETIN BILLBOARDS: Finally, bill boards are conventional medium of political campaign. The fact is that doing what every other people are doing and wanting to win at it is a long shot. When you try something different, you will be carving out a niche for yourself and can make yourself better poised to win.
  • BULK SMS: Bulk SMS for political campaign is far from conventional. There are many persons who still haven’t discovered this and are still following the crowd. Taking this advantage might just be that little difference between you and your opponent, and may be that thing that propels you to victory.


Granted, limiting your campaign to just bulk SMS might not entirely be the best idea. But in view of the aforementioned benefits it holds over use of billboards, it can be very rewarding to make it an integral part of your campaign program.

Another conventional means of political campaign is the use of posters. Here is the analysis on how posters fare when compared with bulk SMS in political campaigns.

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Are there other benefits of bulk SMS over the use of bulletin billboards for political campaign? Or is there a different opinion on this subject you will love to air? Join in the debate using the comment box below.





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