Free Bulk SMS in Nigeria

  23 July 2015


Communication is a very important part of everyday living in Nigeria and the world all-over. Bulk SMS is a ready solution to this great need.

If we find a suitable platform that allows us communicate with friends, families and loved ones for free, we will all want to run at it. Well, here it is, closer than ever.



  • The freebies are just starting. At your very first purchase of bulk SMS units, you get a 5% FREE BONUS on any volume of units at all you buy added to what you bought. Not made a purchase yet? What are you waiting for? Buy bulk SMS units now online, or Pay to the bank and get your FREE BONUS.


  • FREE bulk SMS service is just getting started. Time after time, SmartSMSSolutions gives out a whopping 10% FREE BONUS open to all clients for all purchases made between a time period extending to 2 weeks. Yes! 2 full weeks. Regardless of how many units you buy or how many times you buy them during this period, you get your 10% FREE BONUS on it instantly. The last one just ended 3 months ago and I think we’re due for another. Prepare yourself for the ground breaking jaw dropping offer not too far away. Register a FREE bulk SMS account now if you don’t have one yet.




  • Hold on a moment. We’re not done yet. SmartSMSSolutions mobile application allows you to send your SMS on the go without the stress and uncertainties of having to log in through a browser using the internet. The exciting part is that SmartSMSSolutions’ mobile application is FREE. Click here to download SmartSMSSolutions mobile app or visit Google play store and search for SmartXMX to download SmartSMSSolutions mobile app FREE.


  • Composing a meaningful yet brief message can sometimes prove very difficult you may agree. Here at SmartSMSSolutions we have loads of sample messages on any subject at all you can imagine, invitations, thank you messages, exam SMS, holiday messages, new month SMS and a whole lot more. This is the interesting part; access to these sample messages is FREE. You can get as many as you want to at anytime for FREE. Click here to see all the exciting categories of sample messages on SmartSMSSolutions.




If you want a bulk SMS platform that is cheap, affordable, and efficient and offers FREE packages, SmartSMSSolutions is the solution. The bulk SMS gateway specifically designed for you.

New here? Register a FREE bulk SMS account now. Get FREE bulk SMS units and enjoy the FREE bulk SMS experience.

Oh! One other thing that is FREE is this article. So you don’t have to pay for this valuable information.

The comment box below is provided for you to get involved. Your contributions, questions and inquiries will be welcomed.





  • 10 Free SMS on Sign-Up
  • 5% Bonus on First Purchase
  • Delivery Report Available
  • Most Affordable Pricing
  • Easy Payment Channels

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  • Godswill Godswill
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    Pls notify me on the next one naira day.. my number 08134576176


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    You can also buy sms by sending mtn card to his number 08104329009. I preferr it is easy and cheap


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    B Be Rest assured you will Sir/Ms. Compliments of the season .


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