Bulk SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing- How Do They Compare?

  20 July 2015

With the advent of the internet and more sophisticated technology, many marketers have lots of marketing channels which they use in advertising their products and services and also keeping their existing clients engaged, thereby staying ahead of the competition.


One of the most widely used mediums of marketing today is the email and bulk SMS. While Email has had a longer stay, bulk SMS is in a competition with it for which is more valuable for use as a marketing channel.


Let us take a moment and consider the major areas key to a successful marketing campaign and see how both fare in these areas.


1. COST: One of the primary things a business marketer must consider in any marketing campaign is the cost of embarking on such an adventure.


  • EMAIL : When it comes to cost, Email marketing is relatively very cheap to carry out. Once the email address has been gotten, it cost little to push out your email marketing messages to the recipients. The demerit here is that it usually involves more personnel to carryout, which when considered from the larger picture, is adding to the cost of the campaign.


  • BULK SMS: Truth be told, while compared to other mediums of marketing, bulk SMS is also quite cheap. And the merit here over email is that bulk SMS is easier to carryout, requiring less personnel to carry it out. And it is equally easier to automate the bulk SMS marketing process, ensuring man-power can be focused on other areas.


  • RESULT/SCORE: In the area of cost, both can’t really be separated. This is because while email seems to be cheaper, the need for fewer personnel for bulk SMS as compared to Email makes them both stands on the same page in this aspect. (TIE)


2. OUTREACH: No business marketer would want to direct energy and resources into an area of marketing that will reach less people. In the area of outreach, let’s see how both compares.


  • EMAIL: Some years back, you need to have attained a certain status before you will even think of owning an email account. Thanks to social media platforms today like the Facebook that requires an email address for registration; many persons are now getting an account set-up. Even with that, It takes eternity for most persons who have an email account to check it up. If there really isn’t any important information you are expecting or someone told you he/she has sent you a mail, truth be told most of us hardly check our mails.


  • BULK SMS: Reports shows that of the over 7 billion people on the surface of the earth, about 6 billion has a mobile phone. Now that is staggering. Another statistic that might interest you is that it takes a meager 5 seconds for an average phone user to read a message, and an average user checks his cell phone over a hundred times in a day.


  • RESULT: From the statistics and facts considered above, it can be confidently said that many of your potential and present clients if not all has a mobile phone. You cannot confidently say this regarding an email account. So in the area of outreach, bulk SMS has the upper hand. (BULK SMS WINS)


3. TRACKABILITY: For you to be sure you are pushing out your resources in the right areas, every marketer needs a system that helps track the response of people to their marketing message and the level of action taken. Let’s see how bulk SMS and email compares in this regard.


  •  EMAIL: Many email systems are optimized to measure how many persons actually open the mail, how many discarded it and how many actually took the call to action. This is achieved from the links and contact information added in a mail.


  • BULK SMS: In the area of track ability, bulk SMS equally des fine here. Common in many marketing SMS are links, contact information and short codes. Regardless of what the action to be taken is, it’s easy to know if the campaign is proving a success or not from the call to action contents of the message.


  • RESULT: It would be unfair to separate email and bulk SMS in the area of trackability. Both has an optimized system that allows the marketer measure success of the marketing campaign. This of course depends on what each firm has in place. So in the area of trackability, I give both a tie. (TIE)


4. DELIVERY: This is also key in any marketing campaign. You want to make sure your desired recipients get the message you sent. Here is how email and bulk SMS fare.


  • EMAIL: If delivery is something you are looking at in your SMS marketing campaign, email is not really the best. Email services nowadays have a strict spam filtering system. Many email users are even going to great lengths to re-customize their email account to further block unwanted mails in them. Such is the bad taste people have for spam. Your marketing message can easily be redirected to the spam box by the email service providers, and many persons disregard spam messages.


  • BULK SMS: While it’s true that network operators are equally currently filtering bulk SMS for spam, it is not as strict as the email. With bulk SMS, provided you adhere to the rules and stick to your domain, you can be quite sure your marketing messages will get to the recipients.


  • RESULT: In emails, as had been considered, the service decides which message is a spam and filters it out. Even if your marketing message will be considered as undesirable and deleted, at least you can be sure the recipients saw it first. The impression might still linger in their thoughts and they might remember you in the future.(BULK SMS WINS)


5. RESPONSE AND ENGAGEMENT: In terms of response to the marketing message and active subscription to the marketing campaign for the long term, which comes out top?


  • EMAIL: It takes longer time to respond to mail. Also, because of the higher possibility of sending malwares and viruses in links attached to mails, emails generally has a low response rate. And because there is no easy way to opt out of the campaign, people might get tired of engagement in the long run and if they cannot opt out might result to reporting your identity to the service providers which might adversely affect your business.


  • BULK SMS: It takes just a click to respond to an SMS marketing message today, thanks in part to the extensive use of short codes. People are also more willing to get engaged with an SMS marketing campaign because they have the option to opt out at any time.


  • RESULT: Obviously, in the area of response and engagement, bulk SMS comes out top against email marketing. (BULK SMS WINS)


The overall result of this match between emails marketing and bulk SMS for the bragging right when it comes to efficient and effective marketing campaign shows that bulk SMS has the upper hand. Apart from the areas of cost and trackability where both sort of have a tie, bulk SMS has a steal on emails in the other areas considered.


The truth though is that your marketing campaign will be much more successful when multiple channels are used. Email and media marketing can be a part of your marketing campaign mediums, but the facts considered above shows that making bulk SMS a top priority will not be out of place.


If you need a quality and affordable bulk SMS platform for your marketing campaigns, SmartSMSSolutions is the smartest solution to satisfy your need. You can register a free bulk SMS account right away and start your SMS marketing campaign today.


Don’t see how bulk SMS marketing can influence your business for good yet? Check here top 10 reasons why the best marketers uses bulk SMS.


Are there any other areas where email and bulk SMS varies in their suitability for marketing purposes that we must have omitted? Use the comment box below to air your opinion.








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