How to Save Messages as Draft on Your Bulk SMS Account

  15 July 2015

Perhaps you have a particular message you send to particular recipients frequently, maybe daily, weekly, monthly or just regularly. It will be a total waste of time and energy to keep typing the same message repeatedly each time you want to send it.

Here is how to save your favorite messages as draft and save time, energy and other scarce resources for other important things whenever you want to send them.

1. First thing you do is to LOGIN into your bulk SMS account using your username and password.


2. Navigate to the SEND SMS page if it doesn’t take once logged in. You do this by clicking in SMS PORTAL and then SEND SMS.



3. Enter the desired SENDER ID for the message you want to send.



4. Input the recipients’ PHONE NUMBER in the box provided for it. You can as well upload from your account phonebook if you have a group saved there, or you upload from your notepad if you’ve saved the numbers in it on the computer.



5. Having provided the necessary phone numbers, the next thing is to TYPE THE MESSAGE you want to send.


6. Once the message is typed, click on MORE OPTIONS under the compose message box.



7. Fill in the name of the draft message in the space tagged SAVE A COPY AS DRAFT


8. Once that is done click on SEND SMS



9. Automatically the bulk SMS gets sent to the recipients and a copy is saved in your draft box.


So, it’s that easy. From here, anytime you want to send that same message again, all you have to do is to get the message from the draft and send without needing to re-type it again.

Click here to learn how to send messages from your draft box.

Register a free bulk SMS account here for free and get rewarded with free SMS units to get started if you do not have an account already.

If you are a registered user of SmartSMSSolutions, visit your send sms page now and try saving a message as draft following the procedures described above.

Do you already use the draft box effectively for sending your bulk SMS? Or you have any question concerning the steps just enumerated? Feel free to let us know.




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