10 Ways to Use Bulk SMS for Internal Communications

  13 July 2015

The most important part of any organization, company, business, or firm for its abiding success is the people inside the set-up. Even when money is splashed on infrastructure and other things but the staffs are not doing the best, it’s only a matter of time before such organization crumbles.

In order to ensure all employees of an organization are working into ensuring the overall goals of the organization are achieved, regular and meaningful communications are essential. Here are 10 ways bulk SMS can help you accomplish this:


It can be very difficult for staffs to give their best if they are not engaged. Engagement might involve letting them get involved in the decision-making of the organization. Knowing that they are involved actively in what happens in the organization makes them more productive, and that’s very good for your business. You can use bulk SMS to get them involved. It’s faster and more efficient.



In order to ensure everybody in a firm are still working in synergy with the company’s overall goals and objectives, lots of businesses gives assignments to their staffs, assignments that are directed towards achieving the company goals. The management can effectively use bulk SMS to give out this assignments, intimate staffs of deadlines and equally get the results in time. Also, some basic reminders can be forwarded to the staffs from time to time using bulk SMS.



There are unavoidable cases where unforeseen events might make it imperative for some forced changes in the organization. It might even require the staffs not needing to come for work on a particular day. The management can use bulk SMS effectively in informing the staffs of these development to ensure smooth running of the company.



Seminars and workshops are regular features of many organizations. These programs are designed to train staffs to ensure better productivity. If your company has one of such coming up in the near future, you can use bulk SMS to create awareness for it. It cost little and also gets the information across to everybody in no time.



Is it the holiday period? Is one of your staff getting married soon? Is it the birthday of one of your employee? Is one of them celebrating a major achievement in his life, maybe house warming, wedding anniversary or the likes? Bulk SMS is an excellent way to tell them in effect “You are very important to us, and we care for you personally, not just for the service you render us”. Send them goodwill messages on these occasions and watch it do wonder for their commitment to the organization’s course and invariably for your company’s growth. Here are sample messages for happy birthdays, wedding anniversary SMS, and other holidays goodwill messages.



The seeming poorest staff in your organization still has one particular area he is doing wonderfully well for the organization. He might not be the most efficient, the most punctual or the most intelligent in the crew. But he might just be the most sociable among all the employees, and that attribute of his might be really improving productivity of other staffs even in ways you can’t imagine. Take a time out frequently to appreciate each and every one of your staffs for their input in the organization. This will work wonders in motivating them and letting them do more. You can use bulk SMS for this purpose. Do not flatter them though, because they will know this and it might just make them settle for the mediocrity they currently are. If you need ideas on how to compose such messages, get sample Thank you messages from our sample messages store.



Every organization should have a system that measures the performance of each of their staff. It is this data that helps the management knows those that are adding value to the organization and those that are not. The staffs deserve to know how they are performing in their respective roles in the company, so as to know where to improve if need be. Bulk SMS can be used effectively to communicate the performance data for each employee to him. As such, everyone knows where he stands and what need to be done to ensure he is still needed in the set-up.



Time after time, organizations review their standards and policies and attune them according to the pressing need of the firm and what the present market demands. In a very large organization, it might be difficult to get all the staffs together and do a face to face communication. Through bulk SMS, such changes can be communicated freely and effectively.


9. GET SUGGESTIONS: If your business is to achieve its set goals and objectives, everybody needs to work as a team. You need all the suggestions and ideas you need to take your organization to the next level. You can use bulk SMS to source for suggestions from the staffs and the feedback might be through that same means or giving them another medium to submit their suggestions. As a little icing in the cake, you might even give valuable reward to those with brightest ideas that turned out profitable to the firm.


10. GENERAL STAFFS’ FEEDBACK: Believe me; the best place to get an honest feedback about the quality of your service is within. Make getting feedbacks from staffs a regular part of your organization’s program. They can send what they think about the service, even rate it. This can sent as a response in a bulk message using short codes. By finding the average of these ratings, you can have an informed idea of where your company lies. It might even be an avenue to check those who rated it very low and meet with them to know why. You will be getting your business to the next level.


Managing employees can be very tasking and sometimes difficult, especially when you have a large number of these. With bulk SMS though you have an easy means of communication that is also cheap and efficient, and helps you in your management process.

Are you interested in using bulk SMS in the areas mentioned above for communications within your firm? Register a free bulk SMS account now if you don’t have one. You get free SMS units as soon as you do that.

Have you been using bulk SMS effectively for internal communications with good results? Share your experience with us using the comment box below.


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