Uncovering Scam SMS- How Do I Know This SMS Is a Scam? PART 2

  10 July 2015

Regarding the prevalence of spam messages today, in the first part of this series, 5 major ways to know if an SMS you received is likely a scam message was considered, in order for you to protect yourself from been a victim.

In this part, we will equally look at 5 more ways to uncover spam messages when you get them on your phone.


  • AN EMPLOYMENT OFFER YOU DID NOT APPLY FOR : The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is on the increase everyday that a valid firm will never offer employment to any random person while there are lots of people flocking to their doors each day pleading to get the vacant seats, even at little pay. When you get such offer of employment from firms that you never submitted an application to, please just look away, you don’t have to follow through. The firm is now even offering a skyrocketed salary proposal? It’s nothing but a scam.


  • YOU ARE REQUESTED TO PAY AN UPFRONT FEE TO CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT : Let’s say you actually applied for the job, and you equally did that through a valid email of the firm. They even have a website with a beautiful interface. Well, if you get a message from them saying your employment is been processed but you will have to pay an upfront fee to make it authenticated, then I’m afraid you’ve not gotten yourself a job yet. But they have a beautiful website you might argue. Well, that’s all thanks to a good graphic designer.


  • THE PROPOSAL IS JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE : Such proposals are most commonly associated with Get-Rich-Quick schemes. You get messages telling you to make 100,000 US dollars in a week, and to get started, just click on a link. I tell you, if they are making that much in a year, they wouldn’t have the time to send you this SMS.


  • IT OFFERS A NEAR MAGICAL SOLUTION TO HEALTH PROBLEMS THAT HAVE NO KNOWN CURE : Scammers know what people want, what they need and what they pray they have, and it is these that they try to exploit. Simply ignore messages telling you to get drugs that cure some common tough health problems in the twinkle of an eye. Most often than not, they aren’t real. Infact, if it cannot be authenticated on the net, it’s probably not real. Even if you feel like following such suggestions, speak with your physician.


  • THE SENDER OF THE SMS SOUNDS SUPER EXCITED : This might be a very obvious indication of Scam. When you start seeing lots of super-enthusiastic phrases and words in the message, a lot of exclamation marks, lots of call to action, lots of promises and proposals that really wowed you, think about it again. Only scammers get too ecstatic over nothing.


Watch out for the above signs mentioned here and the other ones mentioned in part 1 of this series and you might be able to uncover all scam messages when you unavoidably get them on your phone.

Also see five tips that can help you protect yourself from SMS spamming and all you need to know about SMS spamming.

Great news! GSM operators now have a filtering system that ensures words and word combinations that are scam related are not allowed either as sender IDs or in the content of a message. Learn about the words and word combination not allowed as sender IDs and those not allowed in the content of a message.

At SmartSMSSolutions, we also have an optimized system that works well in fighting this to a reasonable extent.

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Feel free to use the comment box provided below to share with us other identifying marks of Scam messages you’ve uncovered. We will appreciate it.




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