Protect Yourself From SMS Spam- 5 Tips That Can Help

  10 July 2015

SMS Spamming has grown so widespread that barely a day passes by without you getting a spam message either in your email account or on your mobile phones.

Find listed here 5 tested and trusted tips that can help you avoid falling prey to SMS spamming.


  • NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR CONTACT DETAILS TO PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW AND/OR TRUST : Personal contact details like phone numbers and email address are the major means through which spammers push through their messages. Provide your phone number and email only to people you know and trust. That also include on online platforms like blogs and websites. Do not put it anywhere indiscriminately. This is also applicable when filling out random questionnaires.


  • NEVER REPLY SUSPICIOUS SMS FROM PHONE NUMBERS YOU DO NOT RECOGNISE : Included in many spam messages is a prompt action required to be taken by the recipient(s) of the message. This may include giving a reply to the message received. When you respond to any message asking you for a response, you give the sender an idea that you want to get involved and only make them persist.


  • PROTECT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS INCLUDING YOUR ATM CARD PIN, IT’S YOUR FINANCIAL IDENTITY : Be careful of SMS asking you to forward your bank account details, including security pins linked with your bank account. Sending such details can be making you susceptible to an SMS fraud.


  • IGNORE SMS ASKING YOU TO SEND MONEY TO REDEEM A PRIZE WON FROM A PROMO OR LOTTERY : Okay I have participated in a promo and have won myself a prize. Why on earth will I have to pay money again to redeem my prize? If I’ll have to send money to get my reward, then they better keep it. Worse still, if the claim that you’ve won a prize is coming from a firm in which you never had contact with let alone participate in their promo, then stop chasing loose ends. You will end up hurt in the long run.


  • FORGET GET -RICH-QUICK SCHEMES: You open a message and you scream to yourself “Oh! This is too good to be true”. Oh yes, you are correct. If it seems like that, then it is that. If you pursue mouth-watering proposals that seems massively rewarding, you will only end up spending more than you will ever earn, that is even if you earn anything. The only winners in ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ schemes are the scammers.


Many persons are becoming victims of SMS spamming every day. Well, who says you have to be like many persons. If you prudently stick by these tips given above, you can protect yourself to a very large extent.

Some spammers are so professional in their spamming business that sometimes it might be difficult to know if a message is a spam or not. Click here to see how you can uncover a spam SMS without stress, and therefore know what to do.

All bulk SMS service users should try to avoid SMS spamming. The ugly side is far more than any advantage it may seem to have.

If you have any other preventive measure you use to protect yourself from SMS spamming, we will appreciate you sharing it with us in the comment box below.





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