SMS Marketing- What is it?

  09 July 2015

Marketing simply means communicating with your customers with a view to sell your products or services to them. It is an integral part of all successful businesses, because it is that which makes you stay relevant.

Over the years, some of the mediums of marketing that has been used are TV, newspaper, radio, posters, bill boards, direct mails, telephone e.t.c. In this age though, SMS marketing is becoming increasingly popular among many business owners.

SMS marketing is the marketing of products and services done through SMS to cell phones. There are lots of reasons why the top marketers use SMS marketing. For one thing, it is easy to use, has great outreach and very effective.

Although when it first started, some eyebrows were raised, partly because lots of persons see it as another medium for spam messages, but it is fast becoming a go-to marketing choice for many businesses world all-over. For one thing it has lots of advantages over Email marketing, the conventional and official mode of marketing, and other marketing avenues.

Most of the successful users of SMS for marketing stick with a general principle of being brief and having a call to action at the end of the marketing message. They equally track the response of people to this campaign to ensure it’s working out as they want it to.

Many marketers equally run lots of their promotions, and updates about their service easily through bulk SMS marketing, even offering discounts for the subscribers to the plan, and that has really transformed their business.

If you want to use SMS for your business marketing, a ready question that might come to your mind is: How do I get phone numbers of people to subscribe to my SMS marketing campaign. Well, that it the least of your troubles, as it is very easy. Click here to see how you can do this.

Many registered clients on SmartSMSSolutions use the bulk SMS gateway for their business marketing and have great success stories in doing that. You can be a part of them.

The comment box below is opened for your contributions and questions concerning this mode of marketing.


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