Ways You Can Use Bulk SMS to Manage Your School- Part 2

  08 July 2015

In the first part of this series on how schools can use bulk SMS for effective management, 5 ways of doing this was considered. Here are 5 additional sureties in running your school effectively while also increasing its population through the use of bulk SMS.

1. INTIMATING STUDENTS OF IMPORTANT ASSIGNMENTS, DEADLINES AND RUNNING TUTORIALS: In some secondary schools, a sizeable number of the students have cell phones they use when at home with the supervision of their parents. Bulk SMS can also be an effective way to intimate them about important assignments, deadlines and projects that has to be done. This makes managing of these students more effective. Some educational school clubs like the debaters, quiz and press clubs equally use bulk SMS to organize the meetings and competitions. Even tutorials that boost student’s academic performance can be pushed through bulk SMS. I assure you the parents appreciate this.


2. LETTING PARENTS KNOW ABOUT LOWER GRADE PUPILS’ HOMEWORK: Parents will know better that not all their young chaps remember when they have homework given to them from school, and who can really blame them, it’s that time in their developmental circle. So instead of simply marking ‘homework’ and writing the date inside the kids textbooks, any parent will appreciate it if they get a message from the school telling them bout this homework their chap has got.


3. INTIMATING PARENTS OF CASES OF EMERGENCIES: Sometimes, unexpected events might make it expedient for the school to close earlier than usual. The parents deserve to know why their kids are returning home earlier than it should be. They can’t just rely on the not always truthful and not always satisfactory explanation coming from the child. They deserve to hear from you and you know it.


4. SENDING OF GOODWILL MESSAGES ON SPECIAL DAYS: During special days like holidays and other important celebrations, you can send goodwill messages to your students’ parents. Some schools even send messages acknowledging the students’ birthdays to their parents, and that makes the parents feel their kids are loved. And what more? Special days like the Christmas and New Year celebrations comes usually come around when the students are on holidays. Do you know what a message to the parents during this time will do for you? It makes you remain in their mind for the upcoming session.


5. INFORM PARENTS ABOUT TUITION FEES, EXAMS DATES AND RESUMPTION DATES: They might not tell you in most cases, but I tell you, parents always want to be informed about all the happenings in their children’s school. Such is their strong desire to see their kid do well. Tuition fees for new terms, dates of upcoming exams and even the next term or next session resumption dates can be communicated with parents via SMS. It’s cheaper and very effective.


Here at SmartSMSSolutions, we have lots of school managers who use bulk SMS service to effectively make their schools stay a long way above the others.

If you need an effective, affordable and quality bulk SMS platform for your school, Register now and watch how applying the above suggestions can transform your school in no time. Get free SMS units instantly after registration.

Do you use bulk SMS service for your school at present, go to send SMS page and send SMS applying any of the above suggestions you are not currently utilizing.

Do you agree that the suggestions given above can help transform your school? Or you have any question concerning this? Use the comment box below to share with us.




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