Frequently Asked Questions

My Scheduled Messages Don't Deliver, Why?

1. Insufficient Credit at the time the messages are due

Make sure you have enough units left in your account for all scheduled messages. To confirm if this is the cause. Log into your SMS account. Check your "Sent Messages" List, look up the message. If "Status" of the message is "Processing", it means that SMS units available was not enough for sending the scheduled message.

2. The year of delivery not selected when scheduling.

To effectively schedule a message, click on the box to the left of "Schedule for Future Delivery". In the drop-down in place of the "----", set the year to your desired year. Set the month, day, hour and minute accordingly. For best result, we suggest that you schedule to the nearest 5 minutes.

To confirm that your message has been successfully scheduled, look up the message in your "Sent Message". The message should be listed with "Pending" as the status.



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